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  • iSoSo

    His art has weaknesses similar to those of acting, but does not let life take his imagination's willpower over.
  • Pinkorsa

    She hides in her colors situations of her life, which now appears to her as an unveiled game deception.
  • Ray

    He will see a piece of sun and will chase for it, for it is the salvation (the goal), opposing to the shadow - inutility, poison to his everyday life.
  • Lolli

    A child cries, claiming his comfortable provisions, toys, sweets and those fantasies which led him in his tender world.
  • Buh

    He cries in the warmth of his broken dreams, which vibrate as if they were still sleeping after his awakening.
  • Gummy

    Similar to a bubble, a jelly substance was vibrating on a thin, inconsistent and lifting surface. It occupied a vast space, who knows where it ends.
  • Romantilop

    Not everything is a lollipop. Sometimes it is confusing: is it a pro? or a con?
  • Mr. Orso

    Rubs the sleep out of his eyes while the lingering strong stench of English liqueur fills the corridor.
  • Lucky

    I let everything I was holding fall and get lost. I am surprised.
  • Pingiallo

    I was falling as I was being sucked into something; I was in a non-homogeneous water flow, traveling quickly, surrounded by the water and the ice flowing with me.
  • Penguiz

    Sometimes I feel fine being alone in my dream, sometimes I can rest and recover all the energies required by my everyday life.
  • Filo

    Maybe it was a glass fragment, maybe it belonged to something now broken: the shape was like the one of a star, but it was far too inaccurate and deteriorated for me to tell.
  • Autumnu

    Fall was not death. In its vast spaces, branches started getting sleepy and crying leaves, as the last lullaby before winter could come.
  • OneDay

    I am afraid to touch even the ones I love, for the tastiest offerings of the slowest and deadliest poisons came, warmly veiled, from love promises.
  • Spyke

    The protection from so intense a blizzard awakens the energy that makes me move and stand. It keeps me looking for sources of breathing and daily activities.
  • Windy

    I dissolve your presence in pieces of autumn.
  • Hepphyc

    I imprison myself in a space of dream drops and see light fading away between dark walls.
  • Energheio

    The race is dangerous, meaningless and objectively destructive, to himself and the others. Every second you spend and everything you do fades away, unnoticed.
  • Motoboh

    My chest was painfully keeping my hearth. I felt it rising up in my throat, burning me, even if the temperature of the air around me was close to hibernation.
  • Venicy

    I can live without you, but it is worse than not living. Tending to so complex a life with a superficial, resigned and unconscious run.
  • Drimmy

    There are nights I dream about you and, relating to my everyday entropy, when you wake up you either end up as a falling star or you become borderless ruin.
  • Darkheart

    I was not yet dead. I survived, but how? How was I able to protect me? Was it someone?
  • Watson

    I enjoyed listening to the rain in the woods and I preferred waiting there instead of going back to the car.
  • Spirithread

    Your warmth, tenderly suspended on the room's oceanic atmosphere came untouched to my and turned happiness from utopia to imaginary ghost.
  • Heartfinder

    Where do the wires of the perceptions climb up to? I would observe the dusty colored cottons which bind things together.
  • Emobear

    Between dream and death, I have chosen to walk in the atomic dust of illusions, exploded and now lifeless.
  • PinAndGui

    Few rays of light, survivor to the filtering of the highest black branches, were spreading on the ice surface: the sea was crystallized and the river suddenly came to its end.
  • LinAndUx

    Love deceives, it hides people's real aspects and finds, at all costs, a justification to the most evident blemishes
  • Snowi

    You made me sleep with the thought of you and woke me up, happy, for I had dreamed of you.
  • PenguinRaffo

    That snow world was far less imaginary than I thought; nonetheless, the more I got to know it, the more I notices its blemishes.
  • Pangeo

    As far as I can remember I have got the maddening omen that you are, to me, my whole world.
  • Lonli

    Then I turned around and realized I was standing alone.
  • Jo

    Everyone needs a missing piece, which does not exist and fills itself by its own ontology. Today is a sunny day.
  • Heartpainter

    An awful pain attacks me when I have no space or way for thinking or there is war around me and pain increase pain.
  • D-eros

    Impossible love made of holes, ditches and scratching falls: I am a shattered body and an empty soul.
  • Pa-intress

    No sector of life is so small and insignificant as not to provide space for artistic endeavors (Klimt)
  • Rumi

    Poor...poor me!
  • Piscorso

    Activities, energy and work. Work, energy and activities. No time to think. Stop. Everything changes.
  • Esteta

    I hate you! (Can a blank, dirty and wet page seem to be containing the best poem?)
  • Skeleteddy

    This war against wars made me a meaningless corpse: because any violence is war and death, even if it does not kill
  • Creeo

    The "Forever" makes each color faded
  • Eraser

    Erase me! You're erasing me because I love you.
  • Meter

    Measure the importance of space
  • Rainbow

    I saw only pain, despite the colors surround everything
  • EinsteinProf

    It's a Prof! Let's repeat: G=m1 x m2...