iSeeSo (Tooltip)



ISeeSo is the one and only app that lets you take your (real) photos into the fabulous (imaginary) world of "Tooltip"s.

1) You are the star: pick a photo from your iphone's photogallery.
2) Mix dreams and reality together: choose among the uncountable characters (dreamy, melancholic, ironic and "arcadic") of the "Tooltip" world (bear cubs, penguins, hedgehogs,...) and plasm them, using iphone's multi-touch gestures, to let them fit your photos.
3) 40 Tooltip Characters, 25 Balloons, 40 Special Cartoon Items (for now...)!
4) Tell a story, draw your comics: add balloon with customizable sentences or choose among the "Tooltip balloon"s to tell your thoughts without the need for words.
5) Create rich scenarios: compose your photo merging together the real elements of the background with how many imaginary Tooltip elements you like.
6) Process: at any point, you can add various graphical filters to "magically" alter your creations' color and saturation.
7) Save and share on Facebook: save your new Tooltip photo in your gallery or share it on your Facebook wall before your very eyes adding a comment.

In “cartoon” mode, only available in “iSeeSo”:

1) You can even choose, as background, imagery Tooltip wallpapers.
2) Draw your landscape: choose among uncountable colorful elements (mountains, volcanoes, hills, plains,...), plasm them with multi-touch gestures, mix them together, apply filters and create the perfect scenery for your dreams.
3) Populate the landscape: fill the landscape you just created with "Tooltip" characters, add balloons and write into them or use "Tooltip balloons"
4) Share on Facebook!
5) Future updates will be released as important events come: "Back to School", "Fall", "Thanksgiving Day", "Christmas"... Loads of new Tooltips, new elements, new features coming up!
6) No sooner will you start making your first steps in this app then new contests and bonuses will be made available (will the new Tooltip character be tailor-made just for you?)


Tooltip's Christmas

Totally FREE App!

Maybe you don’t know this, but you’ve been gifted with the most powerful magical power: your imagination!

Thanks to this power, provided with the right instruments, you can always find holes of happiness of your own and share them with people you either love or feel as needing them.

1) Use your photos to create magical sceneries with the ironical, noltalgic and cute "Tooltip" world characters: Santa-penguins, heart-broken snowmen, sad little bears,….

2) Create your magic Christmas Cards assembling your photos and those of your friends with objects and characters from the "Tooltip" world.

3) Generate wonderful pictures: by using iPhone’s multigestures you are able to control every step of your work (you can scale, rotate, undo...) and apply numerous special effects once your masterpiece is terminated (or while you are still in the middle of it).

4) Save or share your comics, your invitation and your pictures directly on Facebook.

Tooltip’s Christmas is the application you can use to gift your photos, in a blink of an eye, with a feeling of magic and to create Christmas cards or to compose metaphorical love declarations (whether whished or disillusioned), sharing your complete work fastly on Facebook.

Christmas is knocking at the door: download Tooltip’s Christmas and you’ll discover true magic has always been latent inside of your Christmas. The best gift is to see and show the world from the perspective of your imagination!